ENID Jumpsuit


Meet ENID .. meaning soul, life, root, spirit. We created this jumpsuit for several reasons, but all of them interconnected with the same purpose - to FEEL GOOD. 

Our classy but casual linen jumpsuit - created, designed and made by us using soft, organic & breathable fabrics that brush the skin with elegance and ease. With natural bamboo buttons to the front and a feature low cut V to the back - our ENID jumpsuit invites space to move, breathe, experience and enhance your daily routine. A staple item to wear both on the mat, and on the town. To layer up or strip right back. 

Our cosy conscious lifestyle brand has ways always found ways of inspiring those daily rituals - now including the quality and feel of the clothing you wear. What you wear inspires how you feel - it is after all your second skin.


Handmade from breathable linen - with a low cut V to the back, bamboo buttons to the front, a fitted waist band and floaty sleeves. To the bottom - a wide leg trouser with an additional buckle at the hem to button up into a narrow leg/harem style!

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