Orchard Plate


Orchard Plates in Cocoa.

Why Orchard? Simply put - it's a space where we gather to thrive upon nature's abundant offerings. It's where goodness grows - in fruits, grains & vegetables which later translates into beautiful wholesome & organic dishes. It's a space that's alive through the seasons - a constant cycle of growth & harvest. A space that allows you to stop, slow down & breathe .. over a goats cheese, orchard apple & honey tart. 

Our Orchard Plates are individually wheel-thrown, fired and hand brushed in our soft linen glaze with gentle flecks of cocoa (Cocoa Collection). Made with thick rim/straight sides to stack neatly in the cupboard.

Perfect for seasonal salads, crusty bread & oils, yummy brunches (our go to is thick sourdough with maple figs, avos with smoked salt & crumbled feta), silky smooth desserts (chocolate torte YUM) or a simple slice of your favourite  afternoon cake. 

Dimensions: W16 / H1.5 CM
Origin: Handmade by us in South Wales

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