Liv Duffin


Yoganic as a name and concept has sat with me for some time - creating experiences large and small, that summon grounding, high vibe and interconnection whilst bringing kindness to both people and the planet. From many years of yoga, that ‘feel good’ vibe and shift to a more positive mindset has always been at the forefront in building every element of the brand. That shift to a more positive, healthier & content self: How we move, how we think, the things we use, what we wear .. all of which have a huge influence ultimately on how we FEEL. It's our feelings, and thus our actions - that ultimatly shape who we are. 

I have travelled to great parts of the world - as both teacher & student, training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. Alongside these teachings sparked a craving to explore those smaller things that cultivate joy & compassion - soon enough finding myself in a pottery studio learning how to create them. Working with raw/organic elements, connecting to the clay & manipulating shapes - felt all too familiar. 

I love creating, I love movement, I love connection, I love opening up opportunities for people to come together to do all these things and feel ALIVE. 


Lizz Gill


I stated working with clay during the second year of an art practice degree at the University of South Wales, I began throwing and loved the tactile experience and it’s repetitive nature. After falling in love with ceramics I decided to continue studying and went on to a masters degree in ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Over the two years I developed my practice, coiling a series of large bespoke pots, while continuing to throw in between. After completing my masters I was fortunate enough to set up a studio space that has become my place of making and being since. Clays connection to the earth and nature is what keeps me making and underpins the theories behind my practice. 

Being emerged in the rhythmic process of the material is hypnotising, whether it be throwing, coiling or wedging the recycled material. Its repetitive nature is enchanting and creates a sense of connection to the moment, slowing time down and reconnecting to the task in hand, weather I’m throwing a small functional object or coiling a large sculptural pot. 


Rachel Colclough


You are the sky, everything else is just the weather

My name is Rachel (Ilios Yoga - Ilios means sun in Greek). I am a 200hr Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher and a qualified physiotherapist working in the NHS. I have a passion for yoga and firmly believe in its benefits for physical, mental, emotional and neurological health.

Yoga for me, is the feeling of freedom within our bodies. It allows us a to creatively connect the mind, body and the breath, something that we often overlook in day to day life. I love being able to share that empowerment with others and reflect this positivity within our practice and wider lives. 

My style is a mixture of challenging physical elements whilst encompassing deep relaxation and connection elements