Our Elements


We create experiences that summon grounding, high vibe and interconnection - whilst bringing kindness to both people and the planet. From many years of yoga, that ‘feel good’ vibe and shift to a more positive mindset has always been the focus, in creating daily opportunities to help break away from the noise of everyday living. Our cosy lifestyle brand inspires those daily rituals that help you connect to you: from movement (yoga), creativity & use of organic materials (ceramics/cottons/linens) - we dote on the smaller simpler pleasures that bring goodness to the soul.


Yoganic as a brand is dedicated to bringing you all of those daily experiences and rituals that help ground, connect and allow you strive towards feeling a more positive and healthier self. From the smaller experiences - such as warming cups of coffee, cocoa or snuggling up with a candle (ceramics); to the quality and feel of the everyday clothes you wear (organic clothing); to the way you move, breathe and think (movement & mindset). To the bigger more magical experiences that inspire and motivate you towards a more grounded creative self with some nourishment along the way (Flow & Feast). Afterall, every day is just a sequence of experiences, so we may as well make each one that little bit more colourful. 




Bringing together community through movement, creativity and whole hearted nourishment. Flow + Feast merges together everything we love across the most unique venues. Our mission? To create unique wellness experiences for our guests as a chance to escape from the everyday, and enter a magical haven of health, high vibe & connection. Fused together by our most favourite foodies, speakers, teachers, DJ's, artists and above all - CREATORS, our belief is the power of FLOW (movement) together with a FEAST of delicious foods, music & creativity, transpires to be the perfect urban escape for the soul.    


We explore those grounding experiences and rituals that we all love, through the use of natural earthy materials (extracted, broken down and fused together to make clay). Each piece we make in our studio is a slow conscious creation from the wheel - hand thrown from raw earthen materials, shaped carefully with bamboo tools and glazed in neutral earthy tones. No two bodies are the same (especially when it comes to our much loved boob mugs - celebrating female empowerment and individuality) - which is what makes them so unique. Our aim is to create something that helps you to break away from the fast tracks of modern life (warming cups of coffee, toasty candles, planters for indoor floral and plant goodness) - designing wholesome pottery pieces that help you nurture and connect to the present moment. 



Our classy but casual urban line - created, designed and manufactured, by us using organic natural materials. Coming soon! We've also created so many wonderful ways to make every part of our packaging 100% recyclable, reusable and plastic free.


Find calm in the creativity of making something beautiful

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